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Name:Shri B.V.Chauhan

Shri Ram Kutir, B/h Kadva Patel Kanya Chhatralay,
Amreli 365 601, Gujarat,

Email: /
Phone:+91 279 2226869/ 94261 27255

Birth date:20/9/1946
Education:B.E. (Electrical)
Profession:Retired, Superintend, Engineer(G.E.B.)

List of experts who can guide you

Experts and Guides

Name City Contact No. Before adapting new diet system after adapting new diet system Got rid of Diseases
Nareshbhai P. Patel Ahmedabad 9824077512 Wt. 98 Kg Wt. 76 Kg Weight is reduced.
Dr. Babubhai K. Patel Ambaji 9429853141 Wt. 85 Kg Wt. 70 Kg Weigh is reduced
P.B. Patel Baroda 9925208794     Fissure pain & Survical pain cure
L.T. Patel Baroda 9825095868     Headache, acidity, allergic cold, hair removes from body. Feeling fresh and energetic in body
Bharatbhai Parmar Baroda 9428425332   After attending "Draksh Shibir" diabetes was normal 105, weight 68.700 kg. as it is & extra fat reduced.
Bhailalbhai Waghela Baroda 9327784868 Wt. 120 Kg Wt. 105 Kg Weight is reduced
Kiritbhai Bhatt Baroda 9898877982     Diabetes, eyesight problem . Weight is reduced
Ratibhai Baroda 94276 11517     Diabetes, B.P. normal
Bhupendrabhai waliya Baroda 0265-2331662      acidity, gastric problem, hand shivering, knee pain cure.
Darshna Sawant Baroda       White spots on skin cured
Alpesh Patel Baroda 9427055234      
Morarjibhai Patel Banglore 9448384475     Diabetes, B.P. normal, intestine problem cure.
Rameshbhai Vagadia Banglore 984537577      
P. J. Patel Bharuch 9725017591     Weight was reduced, uneasiness disappeared, became more energetic and started feeling fresh, increase in mental peace, 
Bhajanbhai Kimtani Bhavnagar 0278 - 2522221     Weight was reduced. He was benefited at physical, mental and intellectual level
Mahendrabhai Bosmia Bhavnagar 9427456755      40 years  old migraine . He was also suffering from constipation, acidity, gas and joint pains. 
Vinubhai Kotecha Jam Khambaliya 9428318411 Wt. 72 Kg Wt. 59 Kg Weight is reduced. 70 % 0f black spots on hands & leg cured & eyesight problem cured.
Gautambhai K. patel Dapoli (Ratnagiri) 9028499088 Wt. 85 Kg Wt. 75 Kg incurable diseases & headache cured
P.V. Kholiya Jamnagar 0288 - 2568780     blocked arteries got cleared within two months. His weight was reduced. Now his sleep, hunger, and thirst were under control.
Haribhai A. Mungra Jamnagar 9979256612 Wt. 78 Kg Wt. 66 Kg Gastric, body pain, constipation.
Janakbhai Ucchat Junagadh 0285 - 2625661 Wt. 92 kg Wt. 54 kg Weight is reduced.
Nilesh H. Vaishnav Kodinar 9898171855 Wt. 75 kg Wt. 53 kg Weight is reduced. Acidity, migraine cure
Khimjibhai M. Patel Khedbrahma 9428770960 Wt. 77 Kg Wt. 54 Kg Heart problem, B.P. , Cholesterol,  joint pain. Weight is reduced
Dayabhai N. Patel Khedbrahma 9427366827     Kidney Problem, stone, weakness, skin problems
Anilbhai P Chauhan Mumbai 098205 22007   headache and back pain, hair fall, heavy weight, chest pain
Girishbhai Doshi Mumbai 93240 32083     High B.P. , over weight
Rajubhai Sarvaiya Mumbai 9892318116     diabetes, joint pain
Mansukhbhai Patel Mumbai 9967052582 Wt. 87 Kg Wt. 71 Kg Thyroid, B.P., Cholesterol, over weight
Mukeshbhai liya Mumbai       Thyroid, Diabetes, over weight
Mahendrabhai Liya Mumbai 9869082557 Wt. 74 Kg Wt. 63Kg Diabetes, Weight reduced, eyesight problem cure, skin diseases
Birjubhai  Mumbai 9322511763     Diabetes, joint pain
Nitinbhai Kothari Mumbai 9271224801     Feeling physically & mentally fresh & relaxed 
Harshaben Kothari Mumbai 9271224802     joint pain, body pain
Dr. Ramesh Shah Mumbai 9820625353     Skin diseases
Alka G. Doshi Ghatkopar 9322182525   diabetes, thyroid, kidney problem, & gyno  problems.
Gosrani Manjulaben Thane 9324001556     20 years old thyroid, joint pain & back pain
Patel Tulsibhai K.  Kharghar (Navi Mumbai) 9820236841     Feeling physically & mentally fresh & relaxed after attending two shibirs 
Trikambhai Bhalsod Navsari 9974063094     Diabetes, skin itching problem, leg pain, weight is reduced, B.P. & Prostate cured.
Rohitbhai Goti Palitana 9227772246     Knee pain cure
Vinodbhai Kotecha Porbandar 9427228501     Asthma 50% cure. Heart problem cure
Pratapbhai Chauhan Rajkot 9998954665     Weight was reduced. After adapting this ‘New Diet System’ he got one more girl child and a boy child without any medicines. 
Vitthalbhai Panchani Rajkot 9879964411     4 kg. weight reduced in Nashik shibir, feeling mentally fresh and relaxed
Dilipbhai M Tank  Rajkot  99989 93076   17 years old diabetes , cough, constipation, acidity, cold (since childhood) and used to get fever frequently
Ramnikbhai Goradia Rajula 9824289732 Wt. 85 Kg Wt. 70 Kg Diabetes, B.P. Weight is reduced
Lalitbhai  Paliwal Rajasman (Rajasthan) 9414172008     Survical  pain cure. Feeling physically & mentally relax
Nareshbhai K. Shah Surat 9327706362 Wt. 112 Kg Wt. 88 Kg Weight is reduced, cholesterol, feviya, prostate, acidity & skin diseases were cured.
Mahendra S. Korate Surat 9375723408 Wt. 105 Kg Wt. 63 Kg 42 kg. weight is reduced
Kalubhai Savaliya Surat 9979470862   diabetes , B.P., control over anger.
Bhartiben  Surat 9913771445     Joint pain , headache, acidity
Amishbhai Surat 9824491773     Physically, mentally fit & fine
Ajaybhai Surat 9898172406     No diseases in body. Physically & mentally feeling fresh & relaxed in body.
Bhavnaben  Surat 9825803777     5 to 7 kg. weight is reduced. Skin is glowing
Rameshbhai Kikani Surat 9879005915     Skin diseases, other body problems cure
Ashwinbhai Surat 9820017036     Joint pain , constipations
Bhavesh Thakkar Surat 9820021853     Diabetes, Over weights
Manojbhai R.  Gohil Sawarkundla 9428618333     In accident hand's bone was cracked without operation cured. 
R.V. Chauhan Vasai Road, Thane 9323030824     Having heart problem, but feeling better than before
Maheshbhai Pindariya Vishnagar 9428665612     Hepatitis C & stool bleeding problem cure
Kantibhai Ratanshi Hosepat Karnatak 9632963424     Physically & Mentally feeling fresh & relax
Jagdishbhai Nayak Dubai 00971507296595 / 00971506282270     Weight is reduced. B.P. normal
Kalpanaben J. shah London 0449407895534 / 00442086211155     Got rid of Sciatica, headache, stomach & throat pain