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Why eat raw food

Live foods contain lots of minerals, vitamins and phyto-nutrients in their undestroyed state that boost immunity, increase vitality and help cleanse (detoxify) rather than clog the body, helping prevent diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Live foods enhance and maximize the electrical potential in cells and between cells. This gives cells the power to get rid themselves of toxins and absorb nutrients and oxygen. Every time we eat cooked and processed food, our immune system is stimulated to produce white blood cells. This stresses our immune system and eventually depletes it.

Live foods are alkalinizing to the body’s fluids. This is important because acid build-up in the body from eating meat, sugar, cooked and processed food, suppresses the body’s immunity. The more alkaline foods we eat, better is our health, and greater is our resistance to diseases

Live raw foods are high in water content and fibers. Water and fibers are essential for proper elimination of toxins from the body.

What raw food you can eat in ‘New Diet System’?
Live (raw) foods are plant-foods that have not been heated, cooked, processed, or refined in any way. Live foods (raw) include uncooked, organic vegetables, plant leaves, roots, fruits, nuts and sprouted grains and seeds.

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